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About Us

Champion Fasteners, LLC., manufactures Stud Welding Fasteners and specialty components primarily for the industrial OEM market. If you are familiar with Weld Studs, that’s great! You’ve probably heard of our company and know of our reputation for quality and reliability. If you are not, you should know that there are two basic types of studs, Arc and CD.

Arc Weld Studs are manufactured with a small flux ‘ball’ imbedded into the end of the stud that will be welded to the mating surface. When an electrical current is applied as part of the welding process, the flux melts and serves the function of cleaning the surfaces that will be joined resulting in a very strong bond. An Arc Shield is used to contain the weld fillet.

CD (Capacitor Discharge) Studs are also welded but do not have a flux ball. Instead, they are machined with a tip configuration so that the face of the stud is held away from the mating surface. Heat builds up in that area when an electrical current is applied. The tip melts away and the surfaces are joined as a result.  CD Studs allow for small diameter studs to be joined to thin materials.

The advantage of using Stud Welding Fasteners is that no drilling, punching, riveting, or screwing is required. No additional material is required such as welding rods or filler rods. This method of fastening saves substantial time and therefore reduces costs. We make Arc and CD studs in many configurations and from many different materials.

Stud Extenders (Stack Studs) are similar products that we produce. These products are not welded and are simply used to extend the length of a Weld Stud after installation.

Our company also manufactures a variety of Accessories that are used in the welding process such as collets, foot pieces, arc shield grips, legs, and other things to hold a stud or position a welding gun.

Champion's manufacturing equipment includes screw machines, cold headers, thread rolling, and various CNC machinery. Heat treating and plating operations are available from our network of subcontractors. We own a modern 30,000 square foot facility in Lumberton, New Jersey and actively participate in several job training and School to Work Programs in partnership with local technical schools and county colleges.


Champion Fasteners


Champion Fasteners sets the standard for quality weld studs through state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, a leading-edge quality assurance program, and a commitment to quality from each and every Champion employee. We guarantee our customers a quality level unsurpassed in our industry. Champion complies with industry standards such as Mil-S-24149, AWS D1.1, ASME Standards and also with Mil-STD-45208A. All materials are certified and segregated by heat lots, with full traceability.